BIN & BUY receives a new truck every week. Sometimes more than one! With this quantity of product coming our doors, we cannot have any inventory left by the time a new truck arrives. So... this business model means we need to price everything less each day, in order to incentivize you, our customer, to buy everything we have. 

We get asked a lot of questions about our sliding scale pricing. Such as "Why would I come on $7 day, why wouldn't I wait until everything is $1?" That is a good strategy if you want slim pickings. Most customers are going to come when everything is $7, to find the incredible deals. Everything in our store is valued from $800 to $1. The further into the week, the less high-priced items are left.

Another question we hear often is "Why start at $7? Why not $8 or $10, or $6?" We based our pricing on the success of BIN Stores out on the East Coast. Although their prices are higher, that is because the cost of living is greater. We based our starting price on the value of the merchandise and the price that makes the most sense for our state.