To pass these great deals onto you, we need to BUY merchandise by the truck-load! When we say great deals, we mean GREAT. Although the products vary from truck to truck, the values are always high, higher than what you are paying for the items! Items range from $800 to $1. We cannot think of any other store where you get hundreds or thousands of dollars in quality brand merchandise for pennies on the dollar. We do not always have control however, of what gets added onto a truck. Sometimes it is shelf pulls, overstock, out-of-season, or after a holiday. In some cases the products are Grade A returns, or Grade A/B Returns. The majority of the time, you are buying new products that work great, but we make absolutely no guarantees. If we know for certain something is broken, we tell you. If we know it is used, we tell you. We share what we know, but we do not know it all. To test every product and count every piece, would take a tremendous amount of time, and we would not be able to offer the deal structure we have in place. If you are curious about a product, you are welcome to head over to our info desk. They will open the box for you and you can even plug it in! We do not want anyone to buy something that is broken or missing essential parts. Please keep in mind however, should this happen, that there are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. Consider the price you paid, and the money you saved on everything else. We hope you agree that the deals here are worth it, and we do everything we can to make sure you are a satisfied shopper!