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If you have not figured it out yet, we kinda do it all! You can shop online, in store, through an auction but we are really so much more!


Check out how we can help with your garage sale, consign your artisan pieces or sell your valuables, hoards and collectibles!

Garage Sale Items

Are you having a garage sale to get rid of the things you bought at garage sales!

Garage Sales

At Bid and Buy, we love garage sale season! Let the warm months of great deal finding begin! Bid and Buy was born out of our love of finding great deals. We also recognize they are a lot of work. Only to worry about if the weather will cooperate, maintaining social distancing while haggling over prices, and having to dedicate your weekend to sitting in your driveway. We are here to get you a pocketful of cash, without these hassles.

  1. We inventory your items, and depending on the experience level you choose we can also clean and/or restore items that need it. We can stage and photograph the items in their original location or bring them to our warehouse to be staged, photographed, and stored until items are purchased.

  2. We upload the goods online and the auction begins! Depending on the content we invite just the right audience to get you the best return for your treasures.

  3. Not sure if you want to sell via an auction? We have two more choices for you! We can do a thorough review of your items and oer you a lump sum. Or, you can sell your property on consignment in our beautiful retail store! Come and see our space in the Ivy Place Shopping Center at 4700 S 900 E, Suite 43; SLC UT 84117.

The internet can only convey so much so we hope you call us wanting to meet and see if we are a good match. With Bid and Buy you do not have to advertise on Facebook or KSL, haggle with buyers, set up your things in the driveway only to get rained out, or worry about social distancing with a bunch of dierent buyers. You sign a contract, and then you get a check!


Your art is too good for just the markets and meets, come sell with us year-round.

Consignment Alignment

It is a crazy and unpredictable world that we live in. The pace of life has increased exponentially tracking with the pace of technology. Although technology has made the ability to sell things quick and easy online, it can be difficult finding the right audience and avoiding the scammers. Not to mention, we think swap meets and farmer's markets don't happen often enough to give your art the attention it needs. People want your talent-created wares year round.


At Bid and Buy, we enjoy selling; so let us handle the sale of your goods so you can keep at your normal pace. Spend more time creating your one-of-a-kind things that can only come from you. We will stage your products in our store, represent them online and filter through all the duds to find the right buyers for your things. If you have a large lot of items, we can even create a special auction just for you. Contact us for more details. 

Old Silver Candle Stands

We will buy your Valuables, Hoards and Collections!

Sell Your VHCs

Why We Buy What We Buy

Bid and Buy does like to carry certain lines of products, used or new. We are an eclectic bunch of misfits at B&B with excellent taste. We wander through the store and have fond memories when we see collections of items that we love. We want to share these collection passions with others. There is something delightful about adding a new Sally to your Nightmare Before Christmas collection, or sharing the Winnie the Pooh collection, that you owned as a baby, with your child.


If you own any of the following and want to sell your goods, please make an appointment so we can make you our best offer! Please complete the form below. Be sure to complete it thoroughly, including emailing us your pictures. Your appointment will be expedient because we know what is coming, and the condition your item(s) is in.


Thank you for helping us carry the best brands, and make them affordable for everyone.

Ze List

This is the list of items we want to sell.  If you own any of the items on this list and want to sell your goods, make an appointment so we can make you our best offer!

  1. Pottery Barn line of goods

  2. Anything that is a skull, or has skulls on it.

  3. Lladro Figurines

  4. Pandora Products

  5. Winnie the Pooh branded items

  6. Nightmare before Christmas branded items

  7. Coach Products

  8. Genuine Silver dishes, cups, serving sets, etc.

  9. Precious Metals

  10. Jewelry-Making Items

  11. Porcelain Cabbage Patch Dolls

  12. Transformers

Sell your VHCs with Bid and Buy!

Condition: Can choose more than one

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