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Sell Your VHC's

Ze List

This is the list of items we want to sell.  If you own any of the items on this list and want to sell your goods, make an appointment so we can make you our best offer!

  1. Pottery Barn line of goods

  2. Anything that is a skull, or has skulls on it.

  3. Lladro Figurines

  4. Pandora Products

  5. Winnie the Pooh branded items

  6. Nightmare before Christmas branded items

  7. Coach Products

  8. Genuine Silver dishes, cups, serving sets, etc.

  9. Precious Metals

  10. Jewelry-Making Items

  11. Porcelain Cabbage Patch Dolls

  12. Transformers

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Ze Form

Please fill out the form below. Be sure to complete it thoroughly, including pictures. Your appointment will be expedient because we know what is coming, and the condition your item(s) is in.

Sell your VHC's with Bid and Buy!


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