We will tell you everything we know, about everything we have.

Product Conditions

Bid and Buy sells brand new things. Opened but new things. Open and experienced (used) things. Vintage things. Some things have a scratch. Other things have a dent. Some things are missing pieces. But the two things they all have in common is that they work and you will know their condition before you buy them.


We never know what we are going to buy, so you'll be surprised every shopping visit. We will have all or a combination of name-brand shoes, tools, purses, toys, clothes, gifts, art, appliances, games, baby items, women's clothing, men's clothing, little's clothing, construction gear, DIY supplies, suitcases, makeup, jewelry, winter gear, swimsuits, hats, flooring, appliances, home décor, furniture, Lego's, outdoor gear, undergarments, rugs, closet organizers, costumes, electronics, hardware, seasonal products, frames, video games, weapons, antiques, vintage chattels, and more. A lot more.