CONSTRUCTION SALE- bid jobs for less, win more jobs

As a contractor you know that even though the economy slows down, the reproduction rate of humans does not. If anything it increases as more people are home rather than in the field working. As we get back to working and rebuilding the economy, we need to do what we do best; build. Now, more than ever, it is vital to find materials and tools for less money. Enter Bid and Buy's Auctions and Discount Store...

At Bid and Buy we are committed to supplying name brand construction tools and materials, for less than retail. We have a store filled to the top (literally) with scaffolding, flooring, plumbing tools, conduit, switches, hardware, paint, toilet parts, lighting, and much more. July 10th is the start of our HUGE, 2-week, construction sale. We have items for both commercial and residential contractors. You will be surprised by the savings potential, because our name brand items are less than the off-brands of some resellers. You will pay less for the things you need to do the job, allowing you to bid less, resulting in more job wins. We offer multiple ways to pay as well as convenient shipping options.

Before the store sale, you can see some of the items we offer by bidding in our auctions. Right now we have over 200 lots of construction materials and tools at the price you want to pay. How often does that happen?

Maybe you do not see what you want, well, we are also sourcing wizards. If you need something and want to see if you can get it at a discount, check in with us. We will tell you what we can do. We always want feedback on what you would like to see in our auctions or in our store. Send us an email at

Mark your calendar for the enormous construction sale, July 10th - 24th at 4700 S 900 E, Suite 43; Salt Lake City UT 84117!

In the meantime, it's time to Bid and Buy: Happy deal hunting!

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