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Bid & Buy wants to acknowledge the struggles of 2020. Wind, rain, hail… fires, earthquakes, elections. Oh, and the PANDEMIC. I've never been a believer in giving every child on a team a 1st place trophy, but I think all 8 billion of us have earned one this year.

Click here to nominate a local Utah family.

I am grateful our Bid & Buy doors are still open. My team and I are finding ways to pivot and be creative during these hard times, rather than languishing and sticking to has-been ideals. One of my favorite mentors reminded me that when things in life get really hard, go and help others. It is in this spirit that we are launching our new annual tradition of Almsgiving. We are gifting a local Utah family the kitchen and dining tools necessary to have an unforgettable Thanksgiving. There is no reason to end 2020 the way it started!

If you know a family that has had a rough 2020, and could use some abundance and alms, please nominate them here. The chosen family will receive the following:

  • A set of dishes

  • A set of glasses

  • Set of utensils

  • Serving Bowls

  • Electric Turkey Pan

  • Turkey or Ham (family preference)

  • $100 gift card to our Bid & Buy Store!

The family will be chosen and notified on November 23rd, 2020. If they are within driving distance Bid & Buy will deliver their winnings personally on November 24th, 2020. Items will be shipped for those that live further away.

Almsgiving is a program we will facilitate annually and we plan on expanding nationally! In years to come we will collab with other businesses to increase our donations and expand our offering to multiple families. If you would like to join this program and other charitable endeavors we have, contact us here.


Bid & Buy Bucks

Just for nominating a family you will receive a $10.00 Bid & Buy gift card! The $10 gift card is good for our online store (coming November 23rd at or in our physical location. We offer exclusive shopping so you feel safe while you leave the house. Book an appointment here and have our entire store to yourself! This Bid & Buy Bucks will expire November 30th, 2020.


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