Just take those old records off the shelf....

,,,I'll sit and listen to them by myself...

I think Bob Segar was on to something, today's music ain't got the same soul — There's just something about a record, an album, vinyl.

To some, vinyl has always been where it's at. For others, they are just discovering the lure of the record player and records. For many of us, the love of vinyl records takes us back to our childhood or teenage years. In recent years, where we find everything old is new again — the record player is coming back into our homes, bringing back fond memories of happy times with family or friends. Vinyl resurgence is in full swing and it is the perfect time to add to — or start — your vinyl collection.

Enter Bid & Buy, we are dusting off our collection of vintage albums and turntables. We've got some CDs in there as well. There is just something about having a tangible piece of vinyl at your fingertips, breathing in the scent that immediately reminds us of yesteryear! We know you will enjoy perusing and bidding on our collection in order to add to yours. In no time you will have that album in hand and be able to turn it up and let loose.

Speaking of letting loose, we know we have some budding performers out there and for you we have the perfect thing! A state of the art karaoke machine. We know someone will love bringing out their inner star with this bad boy! Only you know if your neighbors will love it as well.

So, now that I've got The Old Time Rock N Roll stuck in your head and you are pining for some new albums, I'll get to the good stuff — our auction! Here is the link, and get ready to start bidding!

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