So much Pinspiration

Everything You Need to Get Inspired

Bid and Buy is a pretty sweet store that has a little bit of everything. Sometimes you might find a box of flooring that you love but it is not enough to cover a whole room! But you just know there is SOMETHING cool you can do with that! We're here to help!  In our DIY Inspiration section we will bring you all sorts of ideas that will get your creative juices flowing!


There is not shortage to the fun you can have after you pick up some paint from Bid and Buy!  Check out these ideas to be inspired to tackle your next project! You can paint a canvas. No art class required - go abstract!  Choose a bold color and paint an accent wall, like two colors, use them both!  Paint a piece of furniture for a exciting, modern update or make your kids dreams come true when you turn their wall into a blank canvas!



Did you see some tile or plank that you loved but it won't cover your whole room? No worries, we've got you covered, literally! Tile looks great on a wall. You can use wood planks, ceramic tile or even vinyl! If you only have a small portion you do not have to cover the entire wall. Tile on a front porch is amazing and memorable. Cover the whole porch or just a section.  What a darling idea to use a large tile as a charger! Your guests will be impressed. Use the links below to find details on how to use flooring these unique DIY projects!