Making a Trivet

Using tile to make a trivet is an incredibly easy project! You can also make coasters in the same way from smaller pieces of tile!


Also: youtube is your friend!  There are tons of great videos that will walk you through the process of how to make a trivet!

You Will Need

  • Ceramic tile

  • Felt

  • LePage Gel Epoxy

  • Pencil

  • Scrap of cardboard

Step 1

Choose your tile.

Step 2

Cut the felt about a quarter inch smaller than the tile.

Step 3

Mark where the felt would be glued onto the tile with pencil. 

Step 4

Pour the two part epoxy right onto the tile and mix it right on the surface.  Using a piece of a cardboard scrap, smooth out the epoxy to all four edges, spreading it ever so slightly beyond where the felt would go to make sure the edges adhered perfectly (it dries clear).


Step 5

Place the felt square on, press and smooth it flat.  This epoxy left no bumps or ridges.  


Step 6

Let it dry overnight before use.