Making a
Mosaic Mirror

Ready to create a beautiful mosaic mirror? This is a fairly easy project with amazing results!  

Also: youtube is your friend!  There are tons of great videos that will walk you through the process of making a mosaic mirror!

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You will Need

  • Tiles 

  • Mirror

  • Paper to create template or store bought template

  • Pencil

  • Damp Cloth

  • Utility Knife

  • Tile Cutting Nippers

  • Running Pliers

  • Tile Glue

  • Tweezers

  • Grout

Step 1

Select the mirror you want to work on, in any shape and size, with or without a frame. Since you will be creating a frame with mosaic tiles, you can use the existing wooden or metal frame, or stick the tiles directly on the mirror surface. 

Step 2 

Select a template from those available at craft stores, or simply design your own. Draw the design on to the mirror frame with a pencil to get an idea of how many pieces of tile you will need and in what size, shape and color. 

Step 3

Prepare the mirror frame where you will glue your tile pieces. Clean it with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly. Score it with a utility knife or roughen it with sandpaper to help the glue you will apply to it form a better bond.

Step 4

Purchase tiles in colors you want from any craft or home improvement store. Make sure you wear your safety glasses and gloves when you begin cutting your glass or ceramic tiles with nippers to prevent any accidents.

To cut a tile, hold it in one hand and clip off the edges with nippers for a small piece. Clip more of the edges if you want your tile to fit a specific design. Use running pliers for straight cuts.

Step 5 

Lay all the pieces over the frame for a dry fit and make any adjustments. Shape any piece that does not form a good fit with nippers. Begin gluing the pieces once you are satisfied with your design. To do this, apply tile glue to the back of every tile and press it firmly into place. Begin by fitting bigger pieces first, focusing on the smaller filler pieces later. Use tweezers to handle very tiny pieces. Allow the glue to dry overnight. 

Step 6

Purchase either readymade grout or add water to the powdered form until it is the consistency of ice cream. Apply a layer of grout over the entire tile surface with a spatula, and push it into all the grooves and gaps between the tiles. Let it set for 20 minutes.