Use Flooring Planks to make a Sign

Farmhouse signs are so popular right now!  These can be made using faux wood flooring planks!

Also: youtube is your friend!  There are tons of great videos that will walk you through the process of how to make a farmhouse style sign!

DIY Plank Sign.jpg

We love the look of custom wooden farmhouse signs. You know the ones you see on Etsy and Instagram and dream about all the ones you need for your house? They are so cute and easy to make using flooring planks that have the look of wood!

What You Need


Step 1

If you have a Vinyl Cutter this project just got a LOT easier. If you don't, you can purchase pre-cut vinyl and vinyl stencils online. We have also seen people freehand, so if you have that talent - go for it!


Step 2

Place your vinyl stencil where you want it on your flooring plank. Make sure it is stuck down good. Go over your stencil with a light coat of Mod Podge Matte. This will keep your stencil from bleeding when you paint over it.


Step 3

Using white paint, or whichever color paint you choose, paint over your stencil. Peel back the vinyl stencil once the paint has begun to dry to reveal your lettering.  It makes the lines crisp, eliminates bleeding, and the best part is the Mod Podge is not visible when you are finished.