Tiling a Bookshelf

Turn an old bookshelf into a conversation piece by adding tile!


Also: youtube is your friend!  There are tons of great videos that will walk you through the process of how to add tile to a bookshelf!

Create a Tiled Bookcase (8) copy.png

You might already have a bookshelf in mind or find one at your local thrift store! If you want or need to paint the bookshelf, do that first before taking on the tiling portion of this project.


What You Need

  • Bookshelf (clean and freshly painted)

  • Tile

  • Tile adhesive

  • Grout

Step 1

For this project, just place the tile in the back of the bookcase and measured where it should be cut.

Cut your tile accordingly.


Step 2

Spread the adhesive with a plastic trowel on the back of the bookcase, use enough adhesive to ensure your tile adheres properly. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on your project. If using peel and stick tile, simply peel and then stick!


Step 3

After you have applied the adhesive, press tile in place. Keep placing tiles on the adhesive until all tiles are in place.

Let it sit overnight.

Step 4

You can buy grout pre-mixed or it comes in powder form that you mix yourself. Using a plastic trowel, apply grout to the tiles.  Make sure to press the grout down between the tiles with the trowel.  After all your tiles have grout between them, go back and remove as much grout as possible from the top of the tiles before it dries.  

Follow manufacturer’s directions on how long the grout needs to set up before you sponge the top.

Step 2

Lastly, you will want to use a dampened sponge to wipe off the top of the tiles.

Keep wiping until the grout is removed from the top of the tile. It can be a little challenging.

The best tip -- Wipe all the grout until you think you are done. And then wipe it again.