The club that can pay for itself the first time you shop.

Join Club Bid & Buy!

3-month introductory price is $9.99/month. Prepay for an entire year for $99.99!
After 3 months the membership rate will be $19.99/month.


With Club Bid & Buy you get more than just the best stuff for crazy low prices.

Membership Details

  • ADDITIONAL 10% OFF EVERY PURCHASE. Applicable to our online auctions, our physical stores, and our online store.

  • Includes the option to purchase auction items the day before they go LIVE with the BUY IT NOW price!

  • Includes early access to sales - 24 hours prior to sales going LIVE online!

  • Earn Purchase Points! The only way to earn points is with a Club Bid & Buy Membership. 1 point is earned for every whole dollar spent, 25 points equals $1.00.

  • Earn Referral Points! For every person you refer to the store that becomes a Club Bid & Buy for at least one year, you receive 100 points.

  • Celebrate your birthday with us! Receive special discounts and 100 birthday bonus points!
  • Double Points Day! Choose a day when you sign up and get double points when you shop that day! 
  • No cards to clog your wallet or plastic thingies to add to your keychain. Our POS tells us you are a member when we start the check-out process.


The non-magnifying glass print:

  1. Membership will be billed monthly. 

  2. Membership may be cancelled with a 30-day written notice and explanation. Points are lost when the contract is terminated.

  3. Points are not transferrable or sharable. 

  4. You will receive an email when it is time to renew your membership before you are charged, and we will share with you how much money you saved for the year by being a member!  

  5. Multiple people cannot refer and receive points for referring the same person.

  6. You receive points for referring people that are 18 and over.

  7. ID's are checked, so please do not try and be someone's doppelganger to use their points.

Online membership will begin soon! Subscribe to our Buy Buy Retail Detail so you'll be the first to know when it is time to join the club!


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