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4700 S 900 E, Ste. 43, Salt Lake City, UT 84117
Land: 385-425-3377, Mobile: 801-290-2818

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Brew & Buy is the best kitchen and antique discount boutique, physically located in the Ivy Place Shopping Center of South Salt Lake. Besides discounted kitchen and vintage merch, we also offer a huge variety of drinks, snacks, water, coffee, and tea. The make-your-own coffee station will turn into a full-scale coffee shop once we have finalized the contractor selection and begin the remodel. There is nothing quite like Brew & Buy around for at least a five-mile radius. We have comfy lounge space, a library cart full of books, and games to stimulate your brain. We also have a fantastic consignment collection from local artisans. For more info visit www.brewandbuy.com.

You will still experience the amazing discounts, intermixed with unique collections and consignments all while in the presence of an eclectic coffee shop! Part retail experience, part socialization and community hang out
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