"Whoever said money does not buy happiness has never submitted a winning bid"

~ Jennifer Lanzetti

Auctions & Integrity

We think auctions are fun, competitive, and the opportunity to find the best deals online. It is exciting to bid on merchandise that is new or used for prices you will never find in a store. It is also the best way we have found to find one-of-a-kind gifts and antiques. If feels so good to win at the last minute, and terrible when you only lose by a few dollars!


Bid and Buy runs auctions every week in quantities ranging from 150 Lots to 500 Lots.   


Unfortunately, not all auctions are run honestly which takes away all the fun! We have seen all sorts of unscrupulous behaviors from bid shopping, to fake accounts set up by the auctioneer to drive prices higher, to rigging the results so friends or family win certain items, and so on. The good news is these things don't happen often, but they do happen. Here at Bid and Buy we have a unique mission, albeit a personal and professional one; "We are here to reduce our karmic debt, not add to it." We engage in honest business practices, even if it means we take a loss. Not every item we sell ends in our win category and not every relationship we engage in is transactional. We are in business to provide value, and in doing that we are rewarded with repeat patrons, new friendships, and a good night's sleep every night.  Thank you for your trust and business.