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No need to get out the magnifying glass here!
We are not fans of fine print. We would rather tell you how it is, bolded and big!


Throw away the pages of disclaimers!
We want you to know what we are all about. Read here to find out about our commitments to you and our policies.

Our Commitments to YOU & WE

We are here to bring you high quality products for an affordable price. We are also here because of the many why's we have listed in the "We and Why" section. When we make a promise to you, we are making promises' to ourselves as well. It might sound sappy, but without you, there is no Bid and Buy store or experience. If we fall short of delivering on a promise, we hope you will tell us and give us a chance to make it right. We do understand we cannot make everyone happy, but we can promise to do our best and abide by honest business practices. 


Commitment #1: Clean Store 

We have a clean, clean, clean store. We vacuum, dust, mop, wipe and steam everything to keep you as safe as possible while you shop with us. During this pandemic we ask everyone to wear a mask upon entering and sanitizing your hands. We supply both for free!


Commitment #2: As Advertised 

We are up-front about everything we sell. If it has been used, we will tell you. If it's been opened, we will disclose it. If we know there are missing pieces, we want you to know. 


Commitment #3: Privacy 

We sell and auction products. We help people with their estates. We do not sell or auction off your personal information. We use your information to email you our SOOS and upcoming auctions. We keep records of what you have purchased so you don't have to keep receipts. Period. 


Commitment #4: No Receipts Needed 

Because we keep track of what you purchase, you do not have to keep up with receipts! Who can keep track of those things anyway? Almost all retailers have the technology to keep track of your purchases. Sometimes it feels like when they require a receipt, it is their way of backing out of their return policy. Rest assured we know what you have purchased and when. Our return policy is simple and detailed in the "Bolded & Big" section. 


Return Policy

Speaking from our experience, nothing ruins a great day of shopping like failure to communicate. How many times have you had terrible experiences trying to return or exchange a product? We want you to be as happy and satisfied as possible with what you find at Bid and Buy. So much that we have every customer sign a waiver when you purchase from us online, in-store, or from an auction. We want to be sure you understand all the details so we can agree from the beginning the terms and conditions of our merchandise.  


Maybe we go into too much detail here, but miscommunication and misunderstandings are miserable (see what we did there…)! We are as honest as we can be about the conditions of our products. For more information see the Product Condition Promise section of our website for a complete explanation of the various conditions which our merchandise is sold. We price everything according to:

  1. What we paid for it

  2. The time we spent finding, traveling, acquiring, cleaning, and staging the product

  3. The actual condition of the product

  4. The real-life value


Our Manufacture Sales Retail Price's (MSRP's) that we post are real, not inflated to make it look like you are getting a great deal. All products that have open boxes are tested before we sell them to you (this helps us determine the exact value and condition). The only products we do not test, are the boxes that have never been opened and are considered brand new. Because of the nature of our discount business, we cannot guarantee the condition or longevity as would a retailer that sells brand new products for the full retail price. We do not provide a warranty on any of our items, that is a conversation you would have with the manufacturer. We are sure you understand. 


If you have any doubt about the condition of a product, you may test the equipment at various charging stations throughout the store. Please, please, please do not open the box yourself. See a store associate and they will assist you.  


Even with all that said, we do empathize that needs change and sometimes you just change your mind. We are as flexible as we can be as a discount retailer. Our return policy is clear and firm. The return period is short and precise. The policy is posted in the store, it is documented in your transaction email that you receive after each purchase, and it is a line item we require everyone to check when making a purchase. We require everyone to agree to our return policy before we finalize any purchase. You can claim we're being all "Goldie Hawn" about this (overboard…) but better to be soaked than sorry.   

Physical Store Return Policy

  • In-Store Credit, No Cash Back 

  • In-Store Credit within 15-Days of Purchase 


In-Store credit is offered if the item is returned in the exact condition* it was sold. If the product is not returned in the exact condition*, the in-store credit is adjusted accordingly or the buyer can choose to keep the item. The super GOOD NEWS is you do not need to find your receipt, because we kept track for you, everything you purchased. 


Online Store Return Policy 

  • No Cash Back 

  • In-Store Credit within 15-Days of Purchase 

Buyer is responsible for return shipping on all returns. Return Mailing Address: 

         Bid & Buy 

         4700 S 900 E, Suite 43 

         Salt Lake City, UT 84117 


In-Store credit is added to customer's account once the item has been received and inspected. Only items that are returned in the exact condition* they were sold will receive credit. If the product is not returned in the exact condition*, the in-store credit is adjusted accordingly or the buyer can choose to keep the item.  

  • PS- you can exchange items you purchased online in the store to avoid a return shipping cost! 


Auction Return Policy 

  • All Auction items carry a 24-Hour Guarantee (see Auction Terms and Conditions for more information)

  • We offer local delivery for a small fee** (see below)

  • We offer shipping on all our auction items nationwide!   


The shipping cost you pay, is what we pay, plus our Shipping and Handling Fee*** that is calculated based on weight. An exact amount is not known until all the winning bid items are packaged together. Winning Bidders may also arrange for their own pickup and delivery. 


*Exact Condition means the packaging, part count, layout and anything else required for the item to be put back on the shelf for someone else to enjoy.

** Because traffic and road conditions vary at different times of the day, we charge $25 for every 30 minutes it takes to deliver a product and return back to the shop. We try to deliver everyone's bid wins on the same day to keep everyone's fees minimal. The minimum delivery fee is $25.

*** Our Handling fee is based on the total weight of your shipment.

  • 0-15 lbs = $10

  • 16-30 lbs = $30

  • 31-45 lbs = $30

  • 46-60 lbs = $40

  • 61 - 100 lbs = $50

  • Above $100 = $60

For example, if your product weighs 19 lbs, then you will pay the shipping rate of the carrier plus our handling fee of $20.00  So if the carrier charge is $13.00, your credit card would be charged $33.00.



Ship Shippery Ship Shippery Ship SHip ShaRoo, we can't wait to ship products to you...

Shipping & Handling Policy

Standard Shipping 

Minimum Purchase Amount : None

  • Cost: $10.00 + SH&H

  • 3-5 Business Days 

  • Available in all U.S. States 

  • P.O. Box Delivery Available


Expedited Shipping 

Minimum Purchase Amount : None

  • Cost: $20.00 + SH&H

  • 2-3 Business Days 

  • Continental United States only 

  • P.O. Box Delivery NOT Available

Next Business Day

Minimum Purchase Amount : None

  • Cost: $30.00 + SH&H

  • 1 Business Day 

  • Continental United States only 

  • P.O. Box Delivery NOT Available

Instantaneous Shipping
Minimum Purchase Amount : None

  • Cost: $1,000,000,000.00* + SH&H

  • 0 Business Days 

  • Entire Planet!

  • P.O. Box Delivery NOT Available


​Shipping charges and expected delivery dates are provided to you after we receive your order online. This information appears in your order confirmation email, along with a receipt of your transaction. 

  1. As soon as Bid and Buy receives credit card authorization and verification, we start packaging your order and get it put in the mail! We have one warehouse location at this time, based in Salt Lake City. Based on our warehouse location and your shipping address, we verify the most effectual shipping carrier for your order. We use the following carriers: the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx. 

  2. Prices in the chart above reflect shipping for domestic orders only. 

  3. At this time, we do not ship to international locations (including U.S. Territories such as America Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Nor do we ship to APO/FPO addresses). We are working on this!  

  4. Occasionally, we need to send your order in two or more shipments. Fear not! Our shipping charge applies only to the first package, any subsequent package(s) have zero additional shipping charges. 

  5. Shipping may not be available to remote areas. If our shipping program does not recognize the shipping address, a new address will be asked of you to provide. 

  6. If larger and/or odd shaped products need to be priced differently due to their size and shape, you will be notified during your online shopping experience, not after the fact. We appreciate your empathy and understanding. 

  7. If you are shopping for several people at once and want to ship your various items to several addresses, please place a separate order for each address. A single order cannot be shipped to multiple addresses. Applicable shipping fees apply to each order placed. ​

*We do not have the technology yet to satisfy our instant gratification desires, but we promise to throw in some free samples to make the wait worth it! ​​

*** Our Handling fee is based on the total weight of your shipment.

  • 0-15 lbs = $10

  • 16-30 lbs = $30

  • 31-45 lbs = $30

  • 46-60 lbs = $40

  • 61 - 100 lbs = $50

  • Above $100 = $60

For example, if your product weighs 19 lbs, then you will pay the shipping rate of the carrier plus our handling fee of $20.00  So if the carrier charge is $13.00, your credit card would be charged $33.00.



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