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Online Store Coming Fall 2020!

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How We Think

Bid and Buy is aimed to setting the example of how shopping should be. We think everyone should be able to afford nice things. Experts finally agree that things make us just as happy as experiences, especially things that enhance the outcome! What is your next adventure? Come and see what we offer to make your next trip, event, project, or journey the best possible, at a bargain price of course.

Where You Can Go

Websites with too much stuff is as bad as a menu with too many choices. We have two websites to keep things simple. Here, at we keep our store information, policies, commitments, and so on. The web address for our online store is Keep reading for fascinating bedtime stories or click the 'Ready to Go Shopping' button below to enjoy adding experience-enhancing things to your collection. And of course, to be updated on new merchandise or upcoming auctions, click the 'I'm in Like Flynn' button to sign up for our weekly Retail Detail (best newsletter synonym we could think on the fly).

We Need You

We have room on our walls, on our shelves and in our online store for artists and craftsmen who want a place to put their creations year round. Not just seasonally at farmer's markets and swap meets. We commend you for your commitment of setting up and tearing down weekend after week. But let's give you more creation time by housing some of your work on a more long-term basis.


If you are a local artisan of Salt Lake City or you live in anywhere on plant earth, we want to hear from you! If you have a surplus of goods that you need to sell, you have super prices, please contact us for consignment space. We want love to discuss a partnership that brings people to our store and helps your bottom line.

Come Shop With Us!

We are open!​ Come visit our first store at 4700 S 900E, Suite 43; Salt Lake City, Utah! 


We are in the process of already building our second store, which will be 50 feet away from this one. We have so many deals one space was not enough for it all. Coming Fall 2020.

We follow the CDC Business Recommendations. All customers will be provided a mask and sanitizer to ensure a safe shopping experience for themselves and for our team. We will do our part to help you S.O.S. with Bid and Buy!


Tuesday through Saturday : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday and Monday: Closed

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4700 S 900 E
Suite 43
Salt Lake City, UT, 84117



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